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A Change of Plans

A couple of days ago I was planning on taking a guess on the Indians opening day roster.  Well, the plans have changed.  There are some NCAA hoops games on the schedule tonight and an unexpected party has come about, so no roster prediction tonight.  The word is Pittsburgh is planning a massive amount of cuts either tonight or tomorrow and I’ll bring that to you along with a full update on the roster.

Here are a couple of things to keep you busy.  It appears right handed reliever Jesse Chavez is heading back to Pittsburgh.  John Perrotto has a nice piece on Chavey.  A good friend of mine Will Carroll saw Jesse pitch last summer at Victory Field and when Jesse unleashed a 96 mile and hour heater it caught his attention.  Will is not a scout, but he knows baseball and he really liked the way Jesse threw and saw big league velocity.  Numbers with the Pirates roster may push Chavez to Indy, but he’ll get another shot if he pitches like last year.

So today for lunch I left the Indians offices and went over to Lucas Oil Stadium.  It was open practice for tomorrows NCAA Midwest Regional Finals.  Here is a shot of Arizona’s practice.  I was sitting about 10 rows away from the baseline.

NCAA Regional 002.jpg

Notice the court sits about two feet off the ground and I believe center court is on the 50 yard line.  Practice was free and it is always worth a visit.  I’d rather watch the games on spectacular high definition than pony up the money to sit a mile from the court.  Of course that is easy for me to say my favorite school isn’t in Indy.  I would be at the games if they were playing.  


Keep up the comments and I’ve been told to utilize my spell check.  So hang with me and remember first pitch is two weeks from tonight.


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One thought on “A Change of Plans

  1. juliasrants on said:

    We have NCAA games here in Boston also! The Madness continues!


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