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Opening Day

First pitch is tonight at 7:00.  this picture was taken at 9:50 and you can see the grounds crew is busy with the game still nine hours away.  Jason Davis gets the pearl for the Tribe, while Chirs Lambert is on the bump for Toledo. 

Opening Day 002.jpgMore info and pictures to come later.  One more thing, thanks to for the shout on his site yesterday.

1:45 PM UPDATE:  I’m sitting in the radio booth giving the equipment one final test.  Really I’m just trying to relax.  I’m feeling really anxious and I have a lot of nervous energy.  I’ll be this way until it’s time to put on the headset.  It’s opening night and the first of 144 broadcasts.  What can I say?  As of now, I’m nervous, but it feels great.  Right now Jason Delaney is working out with a medicine ball.  He is in left field tossing it to strength coach Bar Malik.  The grounds crews is watering the infield and I expect the players to start making their way on the diamond within the hour.  Here is the Indians roster for tonight.  Talk to you later 


Jones BP.jpgThat’s Garrett Jones in the batting cage.  A perfect afternoon for BP.  The temps were in the mid-60’s and the sun was bathing the field.  Here are the line-ups for tonights games.  Now, don’t get spoiled, I’m not going to do this for every game, but tonight is the opener:

TOLEDO…Will Rhymes 2B, Ryan Raburn CF, Brent Clevlen DH, Mike Hessman 3B, Clete Thomas RF, Wilkin Ramirez LF, Ryan Roberson 1B, Dusty Ryan C, and Brent Dlugach SS.

INDY…Andrew McCutchen CF, Brian Bixler SS, Jeff Salazar LF, Garrett Jones RF, Neil Walker 3B, Steve Pearce 1B, Larry Broadway DH, Andy Phillips 2B, and Erik Kratz C.

Couple of notes…Yurendall DeCaster was released by Detroit at the end of camp.  He was going to be on the Hens roster, but was a late camp cut.  For Pirates fans 2B Shelby Ford is not in Indy.  He is still back in spring training working back from a spring injury.  Finally, Andrew McCutchen was KILLING the ball in batting practice.  As a matter of fact a lot of guys were pounding the ball.  Great energy around the cage. 



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2 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. on said:

    Saw that the final roster was released…any idea where Shelby Ford will end up playing?

  2. on said:

    Saw that the 2009 roster was released today…any idea where Shelby Ford will be playing?

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