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About Last Night

It sure started out the right way.  Andrew McCutchen and Brian Bixler opened up the Indians half of the first inning with back-to-back triples.  From there, it was all downhill.  What can you say after a 16-5 opening day thumping?  I have to post something and it may surprise you that I had fun last night.  The weather was perfect; no wind and 59 degrees for a game time temp.  There was plenty of offense and the ball was jumping off the bats unlike any game from a year ago.  I’m not sure if it was one of those lively nights or the construction for the new JW Marriot beyond the left field wall had something to do with it.  Hey I know the score was ugly, but I didn’t care. 


Last nights game was exciting because it was opening day and the crowd was into it all throughout.  (Thank you Fireworks)  The game took me back to the 2007 BCS championship game between Florida and Ohio State.  I’m a Buckeye fan and when Ted Ginn took it to the house I was ready to celebrate.  Like the Indians jumping out to a 2 run lead, everything was downhill from there for the sweater vest.  Even though OSU lost, I couldn’t get too upset because earlier that day a brand new 50-inch plasma with spectacular high definition was delivered and hooked up.  So I watched the beat down in amazement because of my TV.  Last night was the same.  I watched a beat down, but all the excitement of opening day overshadowed the game. 


The really good news is the Buckeyes had to live with that loss until the following season while the great game of baseball gives the Indians a chance to respond tonight with Jimmy Barthmaier.    



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One thought on “About Last Night

  1. artieshaw on said:

    Who will be the starting pitchers for Saturday night’s game?

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