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Bullpen Dominates while Walker gets the Glory

It looks like the rain is going to hold off tonight and the Indians will face the new look Columbus Clippers.  The Clips are now affiliated with the Cleveland Indians and appear to be loaded with prospects.  How about yesterday’s marathon 14-inning game?  The Tribe avoids a sweep and more importantly get their first win of the season.  Neil Walker will grab the headlines thanks to his game winning double, scoring Brian Bixler from first base.  If you look deeper, the Indians bullpen was the reason this club is not 0-4.  Romulo Sanchez, Dave Davidson, Chris Bootcheck, Evan Meek, Juan Mateo, and Jeremy Powell combined for 9 shutout innings of relief.  Romulo threw the ball hard.  I’m talking real hard; running the in-house radar gun up to 95 miles per hour on more than a few occasions.  Others who stood out include Bootcheck who struck out 4 of the six batters he faced.  He has retired 12 of the 13 batters he’s faced striking out 7.  Finally, Juan Mateo proves he doesn’t need to be dominating double-A batters.  Keep him in Indy and if he pounds the strike zone with 94+ mph heat, he may fit into the Bucs ‘pen or work as trade bait.


I thought that starter Daniel McCutchen looked solid, but he usually gives up one and sometimes two home runs a game.  Toledo first baseman Ryan Roberson just missed a three run bomb in the 4th that may have been an early inning back breaker.  The ball exploded off Roberson’s bat and appeared to be on its way out, but didn’t carry and Jason Delaney made a one handed catch near the wall.  McCutchen was locating the fastball and his curve was buckling righties.  He recorded 7 strikeouts in 5 innings.  Due to the long game yesterday Yoslan Herrera has been called up from Altoona as an extra arm.  He replaces McCutchen on the roster.  Don’t expect him to go into the rotation.  He is here for long relief and McCutchen will make his next scheduled start on Friday vs. Louisville. 


By Gosh Jen Langosch stopped by the Indians radio booth yesterday.  She was there with her boyfriend (who by the way really out kicked his coverage) and wanted to check out the Pirates Triple-A squad before she made her way back home to Pittsburgh for today’s opener.  We did the usual, complimenting each others blog and talked about the injury to Tribe starter Jimmy Barthmaier.  We should know the extent of his injury this week and I’m guessing it’s not going to be real good news.  Anyway, I told Jen I probably wouldn’t be posting the Indians daily line-up on the blog and she appeared to be disappointed.  So now I’m wondering if I need to post the line-up card before each game.  You can always find the Indians line-up online, but maybe it would be easier if I post the line-up for the faithful.  No line-up for you today, but I can tell you Virgil Vasquez will make his Indians debut facing Jeremy Sowers and the Clippers.


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2 thoughts on “Bullpen Dominates while Walker gets the Glory

  1. wvbucco on said:

    Hi Scott.

    Just one man’s opinion, obviously, but I’m personally a lot more interested in observations like the one you made about Dan McCutchen than I in knowing the lineup ahead of time. Lineups I can get by looking at the box score once the game is close to starting up. To be perfectly honest with you, the Indy web site is really not all that informative, with it being run by MiLB and not by the team. The information comes more from 10,000 feet than ground level that way.

    On Dan, why do you think he tends to give up so many home runs and what do you think he needs to do to correct this tendency?

  2. theburghblues on said:

    Love the blog, Scott. I hope you have time to check us out @ ‘Burgh Blues. Hopefully we’ll be hearing about our site one day on a Tribe’s broadcast…

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