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Louisville Slugger Field

Today’s game is scheduled for 11:15 am, but weather will be a factor.  At 8 am the rain moved into the Louisville area and it has not stopped.  The Indians and Bats have already postponed one game and don’t want to add another double-header to the schedule.  My gut tells me we will sit through a delay and try to play baseball.  A major reason for opening the gates is the 3,000 kids expected to attend.  Let’s be honest, even if there isn’t a game each kid is coming with $10-$20 burning a hole in their pockets.  Besides both team have an off day tomorrow and we have all afternoon. 

If we do play, Andrew McCutchen and Luis Cruz will take a break.  They are not in the starting line-up, but will available off the bench.  This is the first time ‘Cutch is not on the card.  He has started the first 17 games leaving Jeff Salazar as the only player to be in the line-up each day.  Shelby Ford is back an will be hitting in the lead-off position.  He pinch hit last night and is in the line-up for the first time since last Tuesday.

I snapped some pictures of Louisville Slugger Field for you.  Daniel McCutchen is on the mound for the Tribe.

LOU 012.jpgA view of Salazar and you can see some of the Louisville Skyline.  Sally is on the pre-game today.  I will be putting up some excerpts from the interview, including a story from the ’07 playoffs.

LOU 008.jpg Finally, a view from the 3rd base side.

LOU 007.jpgThe Tribe will enjoy a day off tomorrow and open the second homestand of the season Thursday night vs. Rochester.  Personally I’m ready to go home. 


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2 thoughts on “Louisville Slugger Field

  1. on said:

    It’s Derby Week ….the ville should be rockin’

  2. wickedmike on said:

    I’m a huge Yankee fan (hearing the boos), but an even bigger baseball fan. Thanks for the blogs, Scott! No chance of hearing your game calls in New York area? Probably not… Anyway I know the Tribe is a publicly traded company. I’m looking to some day own enough shares to take over as owner….. I’ll be following this team the rest of the year. Keep up the good work!

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