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Cuse Baby

A friend of mine in college was from the Syracuse area and all he ever said about the area was ‘Cuse Baby.  He never mentioned the food, culture, or weather…just ‘Cuse Baby and we would leave it at that and go play some Madden ’94. Well now I know why he played his cards so close to the vest.  There just isn’t that much to do here in Syracuse.  Which might be a good thing, it’s time for the Indians to win some games and find a way to .500. 

I want to share with you a couple of stories.  This morning was my first visit to the new Indianapolis Airport and it is tremendous.  Everyone was friendly and it was a piece of cake getting through security.  There were about 10 security lanes open and each appeared to run efficiently.  A couple of players were randomly pulled aside and the additional search included the new cameras.   I didn’t see the camera area, but I’m told they get right on your person and take several shots at different angles.  Those that went through the process said it was pretty intense. 

The flight from Indy to Detroit was pretty uneventful and it’s a great airport.  Throughout the season we spend plenty of time in Detroit.  Seriously more than half of our connecting flights come through this airport.  I was walking to the next gate with Andrew McCutchen.  To speed up the process we took the accelerated walking escalators.  They really move and it got me thinking.  What if I raced McCutchen?  He has to run on the concourse and I would be running on the escalators.  Think about it, he is on regular ground and I’m basically running on a moving treadmill.  ‘Cutch told me no chance.  C’mon, no chance?  I asked around and everyone told me the only way I could win is if McCutchen ran against the grain.  Ouch.  Hitting Coach Jeff Branson wanted some info before he would make his decision.  He asked me what my 40 time was.  My 40-time?  Good gawd, I told him the last time I was clocked in the forty was the summer before my senior year of high school and I ran a 4.8.  Before I finished the sentence he told me I would get killed.  I’m not the stud I used to be, but it hurts to think I can’t beat a guy with an additional 3 miles per hour boost.  The more I think about it…it’s sad.

I mentioned the flight to Detroit was uneventful.  The same could not be said about our flight to Syracuse.  We were heading into the wind and some storms.  It was pretty turbulent and half way through the journey it started to feel like a magic carpet ride.  After five minutes of bouncing around the pilot comes on and explains the situation.  Basically there were storms all around the area and we were descending to find some clearer air.  At this time the flight attendant (a little on the curvy side) was near our seats serving drinks and she was having a rough go.  She didn’t spill anything, but her rear end kept bumping into the seats.  She told us that the pilot informed her if things get really bad to just find a lap and secure herself.  What!?  Well guess what…the back 8 rows of this small express jet were carrying baseball players.  There is barely enough leg room for them, let alone another lap.  So that meant yours truly would have been crushed if things got any worse.  Fortunately it didn’t come to that…or at least while she was serving drinks.  Not two minutes after the pilot explained the turbulence and our flight attendant told us to secure our laps, did the plane DROP what felt like 10 feet.  It was one of those air bursts that take your breath away.  Everybody straightened up and started to look around to make sure they weren’t the only ones having a mini-heart attack.  If it felt like a 10 foot drop, but who knows how much it really was, anyways that was the last of the turbulence and I was one happy camper when we touched down in Syracuse. 

I’ll be snapping some pictures of Alliance Bank Stadium.  In the meantime the lunch options today were Denny’s, Burger King, and this place…

SYR.jpgI always get a sub from this store because there used to be a big poster of Jim Boehiem holding a sub and pointing at you.  If it’s good enough for him, it’s got to be good enough for me.  When was the last time you saw an Arthur Treacher’s? 

Game Notes:  

Pirates SS Jack Wilson is here and is going to hit second in the line-up.  Jack will be playing the next three games and if all goes well rejoining Pittsburgh on Monday.  Adam Melhuse signed a minor league deal with Pittsburgh and is in the line-up.  Melhuse brings extensive Big League experience to the team.     


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  1. on said:

    Flight didn’t sound too fun. Hopefully the way back will be better.

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