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Happy Mothers Day

This morning several players were on their cell phones sending Mother’s Day wishes.  Anyone who has been a part of athletics knows just how important moms can be.  She will drive you to practice, never miss a game, and will always say how great a job you did…even when you know that isn’t the case.  Mom is always watching or listening.  That’s why everyone says “Hi Mom” to the television camera.  She is always there.  Thanks to moms everywhere, especially mine back home in Fishers. 

The Indians and Chiefs played in some difficult weather conditions last night. By the end of the game, temps had fallen nearly 20 degrees and the wind whipped out to right field at 25 miles per hour.  According to the local weather a wind gust of 53 mph ripped through the stadium in the 3rd inning.  Adding to the mess was rain that provided and eerie back drop.  This picture was taken during the 9th inning.

SYR 011.jpgNotice the flags in right center?  The flag polls were moving the entire game and the swirling rain gave the appearance of a fog or snow storm.  The winds were so strong moments after this picture was taken Brad Eldred hit a mile-high pop up that 3B Neil Walker initially called for.  By the time the ball landed SS Luis Cruz and 2B Chris Barnwell collided near first base.  They were OK (tye hit each other in the shins…the shins, ever hear of that?) and afterwards both said they have never seen a ball move as much as that one did.  This afternoon’s game will feel more like April 10th than May 10th.  The high today will be 49, but with the wind it will feel more like 39.

SYR 015.jpgThis picture was taken at 10:30 this morning.  It is a shot of the main gate at Alliance Bank Stadium.  As you can see the flag is once again getting in a pretty good workout. 

News and Notes: 

SYR 018.jpgAdd Bar Malik to the blogosphere.  The Indians strength coach has started a blog.  Bar is in his 4th season with the Indians and his 5th overall with the Pirates.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to say.  He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise & sports science and last summer earned his master’s degree in human movement.  That’s Bar talking to Jack Wilson prior to this afternoon’s game.

The Tribe is gunning for three straight and with a win will be one game below .500.  Tonight I’m hitting up Change of Pace.  Dan Hoard, fellow blogger, suggested I try the wings.  If his recommendations are as good as he is calling games for Pawtucket and the University of Cincinnati, than tonight will be a good night. 

12:15 UPDATE:

Pink Bats!  A terrific tradition and an even better cause will continue today in Major League Baseball. 

SYR 017.jpgThat is Steve Pearce taping up the pink bat he will use during today’s game.  By Gosh plenty of Pittsburgh Pirates will swing pink bats and CF Nate McLouth will sport pink cleats.   



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