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The Rock

The Indians lost earlier today at Syracuse and a promising 2 and oh start turns into a pedestrian 2 and 2 mark.  The team will have a chance to bounce back tomorrow night at Rochester.  There are still four games remaining on this trip and a winning record will go a long way to the Tribe’s confidence and climb to the top of the West Division.  Tonight will be a great night to enjoy Rochester and get away from the game of baseball.  The plans for me are to tear this place up while watching the Cavs-Hawks game. 

Here is the view from my hotel room.  The Genesee River splits Rochester and was the original source of power and commerce in the area.  Did you know?  Mills along the river grind more flour than anywhere else in North America, giving Rochester her nickname “Flour City.” 

ROC 001.jpgI’m not sure if the river is a source for Genny Cream Ale.  It is pretty rare to enjoy a night off.  So it’s going to be great to relax and get ready for tomorrow night’s game with the Wings.         


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3 thoughts on “The Rock

  1. on said:

    Years ago, they used to say that the “sparkling waters of the Genesee” were the source of the water for the beer… don’t think they’ve mentioned that for quite a while now. Isn’t this the weekend of the Lilac Festival in Rochester? I hope you can get some good photos of Frontier Field.


  2. on said:

    Great stuff Scott. Like the blog.

  3. jonnnnnn on said:

    dang, I want your job. It’s always been my dream to be a baseball play-by-play announcer… anyways I’m glad I found your blog, I’m a huge Pirates fan and I’m excited to read even more about the Indianapolis Indians.

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