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Frontier Field

The Indians are three hours away from playing game three of their four game series with Rochester and game seven of this current 8 game road trip.  The Rochester area was expecting rain, but as of right now there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining.  There is a very strong wind blowing out to left field and if that continues throughout the night Virgil Vasquez will have to deal with the elements the way he had to on Saturday night

Along with the moniker “The Flour City” Rochester was dubbed some years back as “Baseball City USA” by Baseball America.  The Red Wings have won 10 Governors’ Cup Titles with the last coming back in 1997.  The first year of pro ball was way back in 1885 when Harry Leonard led them to a 40-36 record.  The St. Louis Cardinals were an affiliate in Rochester from 1929-1960 followed by the Baltimore Orioles from ’61-2002.  During the O’s affiliation the Red Wings and Pawtucket Red Sox hooked up in the longest professional game in baseball history.  Check out the numbers and the names that played in that game. From ’02 to today the Red Wings have worked with the Minnesota Twins.    They have called Frontier Field home since 1997 after 68 seasons at Silver Stadium.

ROC 005.jpgThis is a picture of Andrew McCutchen taking a rip at a Brian Duensing offering.  You can see the ball is 3/4 of the way there and is above the first base line.  McCutchen drilled this pitch into left center for his second double of the game.  I can’t remember the Indians wearing their red jerseys for any game since I’ve been here.  On the road the Tribe usually goes with their black tops or grey uniforms.  The home team designates what they want to wear and the opponent has to follow.  In this game the Wings wore black so the Indians had to decide between the red or grey tops. 

ROC 010.jpgThis is the view directly behind home plate.  I was sitting in the front row preparing for the post game interview.  Jeff Salazar is battling Juan Morillo.  What I like about this picture is you can see that Morillo has just released the pitch.  A couple of pitches later Salazar struck out.  No worries for Jeff because he went 2-5 with two runs batted in.

ROC 011.jpgLeft fielder David Winfree moves to his right to make a play on a 5th inning hit by Salazar.  The Indians bullpen is in the foreground giving them a great view of the game and the field.  I plan on taking a picture from the radio booth giving you a complete look at Frontier Field.  The pitching match-up tonight is Tribe righty Virgil Vasquez (2-1, 4.84) vs. Red Wings right-hander Jason Jones (0-3, 5,52).  I’m off to the clubhouse to find yesterday’s winning pitcher Daniel McCutchen.  I’m going to grab him for our pre-game interview.

7:05 UPDATE:

ROC.jpgFirst pitch from Frontier Field.



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