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While we were waiting


DET.jpgThe Indianapolis Indians had some time to kill while waiting for a connecting flight at the Detroit Airport.  This poor guy on the left is bending over to pick up a $1 bill.  Unfortunately for him, the bill was attached to a string and taken away at the last minute.  He was a good sport, but in the end left empty handed.  I was amazed at how many people didn’t pick up the bill.  Plenty of potential victims looked at the bill and stepped over it or didn’t even notice it at all.  They were either on a cell phone or just looking ahead and not looking down.  In the end this guy was had. 


Tonight the Indians look for a season high fourth consecutive win.  Daniel McCutchen (2-2, 3.90) faces Syracuse righty Marco Estrada (1-0, 3.67).  McCutchen was a part of the Pirates-Yankees deal last summer.  On Saturday the Yanks and Bucs were at it again.  Here is bucs dugout view on the latest deal. 

Today the Pirates were at it again acquiring a couple of players.  We’ll see whether it’s cash or a player when the time comes.     


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One thought on “While we were waiting

  1. on said:

    C’mon on big league ball players salaries you should have used a “ten”. Bet more people would have gone after that. Can’t buy much in Detroit Airport for a buck. At least not enough to embarass yourself like that. He’s probably a Michigan fan.

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