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Charlotte, sorta

Guess who has won four of the last five games?  The Indians took three out of four from the Syracuse Chiefs and the finale was played in front of 13,407.  Tuesday’s game was the last of three Baseball In Education games and the 13,000+ exceeded the previous BIE high by nearly a thousand fans.

BIE 003.jpgPrior to the game the Indians officially retired Jackie Robinson’s #42.  The number will forever be on the right-centerfield wall.  What was so special about the retirement was having Carl Erskine stop by Victory Field.  Carl was a longtime teammate of Jackie while playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  The Anderson native made the trip and made the day that more memorable. 

The Indians are currently in Pineville, North Carolina to play the Charlotte Knights.  There is nothing Charlotte about the Knights.  The schedule says we’re in Charlotte, the plane landed last night in Charlotte, but we are nowhere near Charlotte.  Knights Stadium (pictures to come later) is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  For years there has been talk about building a new stadium in Charlotte, but each year a new obstacle stands in the way.  Needless to say the teams location doesn’t help with attendance.

Yesterday was an off-day giving the team the chance of flying out late yesterday afternoon.  A scheduling mix-up forced us to run through the Indianapolis Airport in order to catch our flight from Indy to Atlanta.  (We thought our flight was at 7…turns out it was bumped to 6:06 pm)  The good news from all of this was the three hour lay over in Atlanta gave me a chance to watch the first half of last night’s Cavs game. By the way…who had the better seat last night?  My father-in-law was COURTSIDE for the Cavs-Magic game and my dad was sitting here for last nights Royals-Indians game. 

KC-CLE.jpgNot bad fellas, at least my dad saw a “W”.  The great thing about flying Air-Tram is they have XM radio.  So I was able to listen to ESPN Radio’s call of the Cavs game.  Obviously I wasn’t real happy about losing the 15 point half time lead.  As we moved along the southern skies I’m realizing we will be landing right as the game ends.  Sure enough, our wheels touchdown as soon as Delonte drills a “3” with 40 ticks left. During the timeout, the pilot welcomes us to Charlotte and give the current temp.  Then he gives me the great news that we will have to wait for our gate to open.  Sweet, let’s here this finish…well Rashard Lewis nails the first of two huge shots to put ORL in front.  Now it’s Cleveland’s ball with 25 seconds left and…nothing…dead air…WHAT!?  It seems he miscaculated a bit and he quickly shut down the plan…he couldn’t wait 60 seconds?  So I pulled out my phone and followed the play-by-play from there.  The only two Cavs fans on the team are me and Brian Bixler.  After the Cavs lost I learned the Magic have plenty of bandwagon fans on the Tribe.  Steve Pearce claims to be a huge fan and Andrew McCutchen is from Florida so of course he’s a fan.  Sure he is…just a chance to rub it in.  Bix and I will be alright as long as the Cavs bounce back. 

Tonight is game one of a four game set with the Knights.  Freshly acquired RHP Eric Hacker starts tonight for the Indians.  He was a part of last Saturday’s Romulo Sanchez trade with the Yankees. 

Did you know?  Since April 21, Steve Pearce is hitting .337 with 5 home runs, and 22 runs batted in?  He has been on fire and setting up his future.  In a recent chat with Dejan Kovacevic from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he said that Steve Pearce will likely be the Pirates starting first baseman next season.




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