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Former Indianapolis Indians pitcher Randy Johnson will try to become just the 24th player in Major League history to win 300 games.  Take a good long look at “The Big Unit” because a generation may pass before we see another 300 game winner.

Johnson.JPGThe Unit played for the Tribe during the ’88 and ’89 seasons.  Here is an article from today’s Star about Randy’s time with the Tribe and here are a few quotes from a former roommate.  With a win tonight vs. the Nationals, Johnson will join Tom Glavine as the only active pitchers with 300 career wins.  The future Hall of Fame left-hander may be the last 300 game winner for a while.  Here is the current list of the top 20 active pitchers with their age and wins:

Tom Glavine (43)            305

Randy Johnson (45)        299

Jamie Moyer (46)            250

Andy Pettitte (37)            220

John Smoltz (42)             210

Tim Wakefield (42)          184

Bartolo Colon (36)           153

Livan Hernandez (34)      1 51

Tim Hudson (33)             146

Kevin Millwood (34)         146

Mike Hampton   (36)       144

Steve Trachsel   (38)       143

Roy Halladay (32)           140

Tom Gordon (41)            138

Derek Lowe (36)             132

Roy Oswalt (31)             131

Jeff Suppan (34)             131

Javier Vazquez (32)        131

Mark Buehrle (30)          128

Jason Schmidt (36)        128


Do you see anybody who could win 300 wins?  Here are some other names of note:

Barry Zito (31)                124

CC Sabathia (28)            122

Johana Santana (30)       116

Carlos Zambrano (28)       99

Jake Peavy (28)               91


Before we determine who the next 300 game winner is, remember that Randy Johnson had 99 wins at the age of 31.  Crazy things can happen when a pitcher reaches the latter stages of his career.  Warren Spahn won 20 ore more games AFTER he turned 35.  Projecting the next 300 game winner is a crap shoot.  Injuires and pitch counts are a part of the game.  Not to mention the hitters keep improving thanks to medicine and video technology.  


Johan Santana is 30 years old and one of the games best pitchers.  In order for him to reach 300 wins he will need to average 15.3 wins for the next 12 years.  Mix in a couple of 20 win seasons and he has a shot.  This seasons first 9 game winner Roy Halladay is 160 wins away from 300.  Can he average 16 wins a year for the next 10 years?  It’s unlikey, but possible for the 32 year-old right-hander.  I’ll be watching Randy Johnson tonight and remembering his days with the Tribe and I will always remember the stare and mullet from the 6-10 flame thrower. 


Game #52 for the Indians is scheduled for this afternoon.  If the rain moves out of the way we are expecting to see Indians RH Daniel McCutchen (3-3, 4.35) face Lehigh Valley RH and Phillies #2 prospect Carlos Carrasco (0-6, 5.40).   


2:45 UPDATE:


securedownload.jpgThe rain has not stopped and the game today has been postponed.  The tarp has been down since last night and didn’t budge once today.  The Tribe and the Pigs will Erine Banks proud tomorrow night by playing two, beginning at 6:30.  Indians 3B Neil Walker was not in the line up today and may miss the rest of this series after dislocating his left pinkie finger diving into first base last night.  Walker had his pinkie and ring fingers taped together after the game and this morning’s X-Ray’s came back negative.  I hate to see guys diving into first base.  All I could think about while Neil was doubled over in pain was Nyjer Morgan losing three months of the ’07 season with a torn thumb ligament.  Morgan avoided a swipe tag, but torn up his left thumb grabbing the bag.  Fortunately Neil is listed as day-to-day and may only miss up to a week.


I’m currently working on my next entry.  It is a conversation with both Neil Walker and Andrew McCutchen.  Neil addresses last summers acquisitions of Pedro Alveraz and Andy LaRoche, while Andrew talks about how he handled the disappointment of not making the Pirates opening day roster.  Both were candid and offer up tremendous insight.    









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