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What would you do for $40?

Imagine you are 15 years old and you work in Triple-A baseball.  You are around baseball players who have a lot of time on their hands and usually a fair amount of cash lying around.  Add the two of them together and you have trouble for teenage kids.  Here is a picture of the kitchen in the visitor’s clubhouse at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, PA.

LHV 023.jpgLet’s dive deeper into what you see on the wall.  Each picture features a different contest for the visiting clubbies.  The prizes range from cash to apparel.  None of the tasks are easy and often times they end badly.  Just check out the kid wearing the orange shirt in the bottom row of the collage. 

Here is an example of one of the contests.

LHV 021.jpgDenis had to drink a gallon of coke within roughly five hours.  He did it and won five dollars, however he doesn’t look like he feels too good about “winning” the contest.  Batting practice usually begins at 5:00 and if he completed the task by the 7th inning…let’s guess he drank a gallon of Coke in roughly 3:30 to 4 hours. 

How about this next contest…could you imagine doing this?

LHV 024.jpgI don’t even likes pancakes and this kid eats 100 silver dollar pancakes AND drinks the syrup.  He took home one of the biggest cast amounts and he obviously impressed the players.  DONE. AMAZING

Here are a couple others:

LHV 027.jpgHow about his orange tongue?  Here is a failed contest:

LHV 026.jpgI love Easter Peeps, but after one sleeve I’m done.  My picture cut off the AMOUNT ACCOMPLISHED…it says 27 down the hatch, 27 back up the hatch.  That is a major loss for a youngster.  This is the only clubhouse in the league that advertises these type of games, but they happen everywhere.  I’ll give you some advise, if someone challenges you to drink a gallon of milk in hour, don’t.  It can’t be done; unfortunately several clubbies and bat boys have learned that lesson the hard way.

The Indianapolis Indians won on Monday night and are 7-2 on this 10 game road trip.  The Indians won their 10th road game of the season which is more than the total wins for both Louisville and Pawtucket.  Jeremy Powell pitched a gem on Monday shutting out Lehigh Valley through 7 innings.  He threw 101 pitches and allowed only 5 hits.  The 33 year old Powell won both of his starts on this trip.

OF Jose Tabata was not in the lineup on Monday after have an emergency root canal earlier in the day.  Tabata spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the dentist office and still wanted to play.  Skipper Frank Kremblas told the 21 year old that he was not going to play even though Tabby wanted in the lineup.  Entering play today Tabata’s 33 hits were the most in the league as were his 12 steals. 

UTIL Neil Walker was pulled early from tonight’s game.  At the time I believed he may be getting the call to Pittsburgh.  The Indians have been expecting a position player to get promoted and it was unusual to have Walker leave when he did.  In the end he was pulled because he did not run to first base on a pop out.  This past week Kremblas has benched Argenis Diaz and Brian Friday for not running through first base.  It is one of the few rules that Kremblas has and he is serious about it. 

In the end it is 1B Steve Pearce who is being promoted to Pittsburgh.  In my opinion he deserves the opportunity.  Pearce has been the Indians best players this season and is near the top in batting, slugging percentage, and on base percentage.  The hope for Pearce and his Indians teammates is that he plays.  Too often players have been promoted from Indy and become part-time players.  As Pearce walked out of the clubhouse all of his teammates told him to get his mind right and accept whatever role he is presented.  I wish him nothing, but the best and would like to see him play everyday at first base. 


Diaz has an 8 game hitting streak.  The normally light hitting SS has been working with hitting coach Jeff Branson and it is paying off.  His batting average is up to .295 and most of his hits are to the opposite field.  Diaz was a career .268 hitter entering this season.  

Pedro Alvarez has 9 RBI’s over his last four games.  The Pirates #1 prospect is third in the league with 6 home runs and is tied for 5th in the league with 21 runs batted in.  What has impressed me with Pedro is how well he fits into the Tribe clubhouse.  This is a player who signed for 6 million dollars and still fits in with veterans and young players.  Alvarez easily flows between Spanish and English and handles each media request with class.  He is mature beyond his years and I suggest the fans in Indy get to the park this month to see him.  Sixteen of the Indians next 20 games will be at Victory Field.  Come June, Pedro may be in the big leagues.

Tuesday’s game is at 10:35 with the pre-game beginning at 10:15.  Log onto to and listen to some baseball.   

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