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The Indians won Wednesday afternoon with impressive pitching and hitting.  RHP Brad Lincoln allowed only 2 runs in 8 innings of work and retired the first 13 batters he faced.  His fastball was hitting 95 miles per hour and his 2 seam fastball was very effective.  Lincoln said it was the most he has used his 2-seamer and the late downward movement induced several ground balls.  One Indians player told me that in the 2nd inning he thought Lincoln could throw a no-hitter.  He didn’t toss a no-no, but Rochester never had a chance this afternoon.

Pedro Alvarez led the Indians offensive attack with his 8th home run of the season.  The blast to right field left yard AND the stadium.  Two kids went running after the ball and were stopped trying to leave through a gate.  It appeared they needed to show their tickets, once the guard okayed the move…the two kids chased down the home run ball and wrestled for the prize.  The young fan that won returned to the Vic and showed the crowd the ball.  The 23 year-old Alvarez is hitting .325 this month with 3 home runs and 17 runs batted in.

The Indians appeared to take a 2 run lead in the 1st inning when Brian Myrow hit a ball into the seats in right field.  The ball cleared the fence and took a violent bounce back onto the field of play resulting in a triple.  From the broadcast booth it looked like a home run and the players in the Indians dugout thought that it was a home run; however, it was ruled a triple.  Indians Manager Frank Kremblas never questioned the umpires and the call stood.  Frank didn’t have a clear look at where the ball landed and assumed due to the wild bounce that the ball hit a railing that is in play.  Here is a picture of the railing:

Fence 002.jpgIf the ball hits the screen that is within the railing the ball is still in play.  Kremblas believed the ball hit that railing.  “I didn’t have a good look and I don’t think the umpires had a good look.  The ball was a laser and it was tough to tell if it hit the railing or the screen.”  I believe that Frank should have at the very least asked the umpires to come together and talk about the hit.  He didn’t like the idea because he didn’t believe anyone had a solid look at the ball.

Frank could not hear whether the ball hit the railing or the seats.  We know it did not hit the padding and you have to believe that the right fielder or umpire could hear a distinctive sound.  In the end I believe it was a home run and worth bringing the men in blue together.  Who knows, maybe Myrow is giving credit for his 4th home run of the season.  Later in the game Myrow asked the right fielder what he thought and he didn’t have an answer.  He told Myrow that he played the ball because of the bounce and it doesn’t hurt to act like a ball is in play. 

Clip of Brian Myrow “Triple”

As you watch the clip keep in mind the ump is watching from near the second base bag because there was not a runner at first base.  

It is easy from where I sit to judge what is happening on the field.  I also have the ability to watch an instant replay.  I am impressed night in and night out how consistent the umpires are in the International League.  The players know which umpires have small strike zones and which ones will give pitchers 3 or 4 inches off the plate.  The players are the on the field when the calls are made and only once or twice a week will they tell me a call was missed.  When that is the case, they understand no one is perfect and you must play on. 

Perhaps the Indians need to adjust the ground rules and any ball that is above the outfield wall is a home run.  In the end I believe it was a home run. 


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