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Enjoying Pawtucket

After a rare day off the Indians went back to work on Thursday and defeated the Pawtucket Red Sox 4-3.  LHP Rudy Owens won his second consecutive start allowing 3 runs over 6 innings.  The 23-year-old was picked up by RF John Bowker (2H 2RBI) and the rest of the Indians 10 hit attack.  It was the Indians 3rd win on the 8 game road trip and their 10th in the past 14 games.  Bowker thought the key to Thursday was the day off on Wednesday.  “It is nice to just get away and act like a normal person.  we play everyday and you need a day to get away from the diamond.”  Most of the players took the day off to visit nearby Providence and a few took the train into Boston.  Bowker stayed closer to Pawtucket and visited Providence.  “It’s a nice city and at first a few of us were worried about spending the day here, but it turned out to be a great place for an off day.”

The Tribe will play 19 games over the next 19 days and their next day off will be June 15.

I decided to take the train from Providence to Boston.  $15 round trip and the train ride was a little more than an hour into Boston’s South Station.  Former Indians media relations intern and current director of communications for the Horizon League Bill Potter gave me some pointers.  Bill graduated from Boston College and gave me some beantown pointers.

Without boring you with too much detail I spent time in Boston Common, Granary burial ground, and of course Fenway Park. 

The State House


Samuel Adams at Granary burial ground


Fenway Park

Solid day and although I would have rather spent the time with my family back in Indy, it was worth the trip to Boston.


The day off not only allowed the players to get away from the game, but it allowed several players to heal.  Monday a groin injury to SS/2B Chase d’Arnaud landed him on the Indians disabled list.  “I was playing with some discomfort for a few games and (on a stolen base Sunday in Scranton) I felt like I aggravated it on Sunday.  I’m hoping we caught it early enough that I don’t miss a lot of time.”  A similar injury kept Josh Harrison on the DL for 10 days.

Brian Friday returned to the Indians lineup on  Thursday night.  A back injury kept him off the card for 10 days and he was glad to return.  “I’ve felt like I been close, but you can’t have something weird happen to set you back.  One year I was playing with a tight back and it locked up on a check swing.  You have to be 100% sure you can play before taking the field.” 

C Jason Jaramillo has been playing through a minor injury.  JJ was hit on the arm by a foul ball two weeks ago in Durham.  Jaramillo is getting better and playing through some discomfort appearing in 6 of the past 13 games.  Of course his injury is nothing compared to the apparent season ending injury San Francisco Giants C Buster Posey suffered.  You can find the clip anywhere online and it will show Posey suffering a broken leg on a collision at home plate.  While others debate the collision and the significance of the injury, Jaramillo knows it is all a part of the game.  “It is a scary play because you don’t know what is happening behind you.  You can’t see the runner and you’re not sure if he is going to slam into you or slide for a corner of the plate.  I’ve learned over the years that you can’t go to your knees until the last-minute.  You are vulnerable there and watch some older guys who will set up in front of the plate and apply a swipe tag.”

Over the years I can only remember a handful of collisions.  Most of the time the catcher gets the ball while either standing or squatting and gets blasted in the chest or the shoulder.  It is the rare instance when the game becomes physical and every catcher knows it’s part of the game.

OF Corey Wimberly has been on the DL since May 14th.  He is getting closer to 100%, but the muscle pull in his leg has slowed him down and only in the past two days has he started to run.  The tough part about injuries is often the timing.  Wimberly was starting to see playing time (due to an injury to Gorkys Hernandez) hitting in 5 straight games and 10 of his previous 11.  He was starting to find a fit at the top of the Indians order and then…pop…he is taken out of a game on May 13th and has not played since.


The Indians are 16-9 at McCoy Field since 2005.  Three of the previous four seasons the Paw Sox won the 4th and final game of the series to avoid a home sweep.  The Indians had the Paw Sox number a year ago winning 7 of 8 games including a sweep at Victory Field.

Get ready for the Memorial Day weekend by checking out the Indians.  First pitch tonight on Sportsradio 1260 am will be at 7:05.  LHP Brian Burres is on the mound for the Indians while Pawtucket is expected to send Bobby Jenks to the mound for an inning and then turn it over to the regular starter.  Jenks will likely pitch tonight and on Sunday as he rehabs for Boston.


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