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They love the sunflower seeds

The Indy Indians were able to outlast an hour and thirty-five minute rain delay and the Norfolk Tides last night.  (If you click on the link please visit the game highlights located under the picture of Larry Broadway and check out Erik Kratz amazing slide at home plate to give the Indians the lead)  I left Victory Field a little after midnight and tuned the radio to 1100 AM to listen to the Cleveland Indians wrap-up show.  I’m not sure why I do it because usually I catch the final two innings and that is when the Cleveland bullpen blows it.  During the show the host teased the Indians win by saying Shin-Soo Choo hits a game winner off Byrd.  Noticed I typed B-y-r-d because I thought the Royals signed free agent pitcher Paul Byrd and he blew the game.  Uh-no…

He actually had the game winning hit OFF A SEAGULL!   The only reason I share this with you is to give you an idea of what it is like to play the Buffalo Bisons.  This link will take you to the video of last night’s play and the home plate camera shot shows nearly twenty seagulls planted in front of Coco Crisp.  That is exactly what it is like when you play the Bisons.  As a matter of fact a bloop hit to right center in the Indy Indians recent set at Buffalo did hit a seagull.  That hit didn’t change the game the way this one did last night. 


One of my favorite websites has come up with a Tale Of The Tape


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